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Igor I. Vlasov and Andrey A. Shiryaev and Torsten Rendler and Steffen Steinert and Sang-Yun Lee and Denis Antonov and M\'arton V\"or\"os and Fedor Jelezko and Anatolii V. Fisenko and Lubov F. Semjonova and Johannes Biskupek and Ute Kaiser and Oleg I. Lebedev and Ilmo Sildos and Philip. R. Hemmer and Vitaly I. Konov and Adam Gali and J\"org Wrachtrup 1
Aharonovich, Igor and Toth, Milos 1
Becher, Christoph 1
Beke, David and Szekr\'enyes, Zsolt and Balogh, Istv\'an and Veres, Mikl\'os and Fazakas, \'Eva and Varga, Lajos K. and Kamar\'as, Katalin and Czig\'any, Zsolt and Gali, Adam 1
Beke,David and Szekr\'enyes,Zsolt and P\'alfi,Denes and R\'ona,Gergely and Balogh,Istv\'an and Ma\'ak,Pal Andor and Katona,Gergely and Czig\'any,Zsolt and Kamar\'as,Katalin and R\'ozsa,Balazs and Buday,Laszlo and V\'ertessy,Beata and Gali,Adam 1
Bodrog, Zoltán and Gali, Adam 1
Boretti, Alberto 1
Bradac, C. and Gaebel, T. and Naidoo, N. and Sellars, M.J. and Twamley, J. and Brown, L.J. and Barnard, A.S. and Plakhotnik, T. and Zvyagin, A.V. and Rabeau, J.R. 1
Castelletto, S and Johnson, BC and Iv{\'a}dy, Viktor and Stavrias, N and Umeda, T and Gali, A and Ohshima, T 1
Castelletto, Stefania and Johnson, Brett C. and Zachreson, Cameron and Beke, David and Balogh, István and Ohshima, Takeshi and Aharonovich, Igor and Gali, Adam 1
Chang, Hao and Wu, Jian and Gu, Bing-Lin and Liu, Feng and Duan, Wenhui 1
Clark, C. D. and Kanda, H. and Kiflawi, I. and Sittas, G. 1
Coulter, John E. and Manousakis, Efstratios and Gali, Adam 1
D'Haenens-Johansson, U. F. S. and Edmonds, A. M. and Green, B. L. and Newton, M. E. and Davies, G. and Martineau, P. M. and Khan, R. U. A. and Twitchen, D. J. 1
Demján, Tamás and Vörös, Márton and Palummo, Maurizia and Gali, Adam 1
De\'ak, Peter and Aradi, B\'alint and Kaviani, Moloud and Frauenheim, Thomas and Gali, Adam 1
De\'{a}k, P\'{e}ter and Frauenheim, Thomas and Gali, \'{A}d\'{a}m 1
Edmonds, A. M. and Newton, M. E. and Martineau, P. M. and Twitchen, D. J. and Williams, S. D. 1
Gali, A. 2
Gali, A. and Aradi, B. and De\'{a}k, P. and Choyke, W. and Son, N. 1
Gali, A. and G\"allstr\"om, A. and Son, N.T. and Janz\'en, E. 1
Gali, Adam 3
Gali, Adam and Fyta, Maria and Kaxiras, Efthimios 1
Gali, Adam and Maze, Jeronimo R 1
Gali, Adam and Vörös, Márton and Rocca, Dario and Zimanyi, Gergely T. and Galli, Giulia 1
Gali, \'{A}d\'{a}m and Erik, Janz\'{e}n and De\'{a}k, P\'{e}ter and Georg, Kresse and Efthimios, Kaxiras 1
Goss, J. P. and Briddon, P. R. and Shaw, M. J. 1
Iv\'ady, Viktor and Abrikosov, I. A. and Janz\'en, E. and Gali, A. 1
Iv\'ady, Viktor and Armiento, Rickard and Sz\'asz, Kriszti\'an and Janz\'en, Erik and Gali, Adam and Abrikosov, Igor A. 1
Iv\'ady, Viktor and Simon, Tam\'as and Maze, Jeronimo R. and Abrikosov, I. A. and Gali, Adam 1
J R Maze and A Gali and E Togan and Y Chu and A Trifonov and E Kaxiras and M D Lukin 1
Kaviani, Moloud and De\'{a}k, Peter and Aradi, B\'{a}lint and Frauenheim, Thomas and Chou, Jyh-Pin and Gali, Adam 1
Koehl, William F. and Buckley, Bob B. and Heremans, F. J. and Calusine, Greg and Awschalom, David D. 1
Kotani, Takao and van Schilfgaarde, Mark 1
Ma, Yuchen and Rohlfing, Michael and Gali, Adam 1
Malone, Brad D. and Gali, Adam and Kaxiras, Efthimios 1
Neu, Elke and Albrecht, Roland and Fischer, Martin and Gsell, Stefan and Schreck, Matthias and Becher, Christoph 1
Ofori-Okai, B.K. and Pezzagna, S. and Chang, K. and Loretz, M. and Schirhagl, R. and Tao, Y. and Moores, B.A. and Groot-Berning, K. and Meijer, J. and Degen, C.L. 1
P\'{e}ter, De\'{a}k and B\'{a}lint, Aradi and Thomas, Frauenheim and \'{A}d\'{a}m, Gali 1
P\'{e}ter, De\'{a}k and \'{A}d\'{a}m, Gali and Andr\'{a}s, S\'{o}lyom and \'{A}d\'{a}m, Buruzs and Thomas, Frauenheim 1
Riccardo, Rurali and Aradi, B\'{a}lint and Thomas, Frauenheim and Gali, \'{A}d\'{a}m 2
Siyushev, P. and Pinto, H. and V\"or\"os, M. and Gali, A. and Jelezko, F. and Wrachtrup, J. 1
Somogyi, Bálint and Gali, Adam 1
Somogyi, Balint and Zolyomi, Viktor and Gali, Adam 1
Son, N. and Carlsson, P. and ul Hassan, J. and Janz\'{e}n, E. and Umeda, T. and Isoya, J. and Gali, A. and Bockstedte, M. and Morishita, N. and Ohshima, T. and Itoh, H. 1
Son, N. T. and Gali, A. and Szabó, Á. and Bickermann, M. and Ohshima, T. and Isoya, J. and Janzén, E. 1
Szabó, Áron and Son, Ngyen Tien and Janzén, Erik and Gali, Adam 1
Szállás, A. and Szász, K. and Trinh, X. T. and Son, N. T. and Janzén, E. and Gali, A. 1
Szekrényes, Zsolt and Somogyi, Bálint and Beke, Dávid and Károlyházy, Gyula and Balogh, István and Kamarás, Katalin and Gali, Adam 1
Szilvási, Tibor and Gali, Adam 1
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