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This system is maintaned by NSC.


Type HP Proliant SL230s
# of CPUs / node 2
# of cores / CPU 8
Memory / node 32/128 GB
Memory / core 2/8 GB
CPU Intel Xeon E5-2660 @ 2.2 GHz
Architecture x86_64 / intel64 / em64t little-endian
Scheduler Slurm
MPI Open MPI (ompi)
ESZR none

Shell Environment

Precompiled Environment

From Skynet sync up the precompiled environment:

 cd /share/nsc/triolith

The precompiled environment does not contain the program binaries and data libraries. To transfer a PROGRAM:

 cd /share/nsc/triolith/pkg
 sshtx put triolith PROGRAM

Shell Framework

Login to triolith:

 sshin triolith

On triolith:

 cd $HOME
 git clone git://github.com/hornos/shf3.git

Source and setup the Shell Framework in $HOME/.bash_profile:

 source $HOME/shf3/bin/shfrc
 # set the prompt
 shf3/ps1 TRIOLITH[\\h]
 # set framework features
 shf3/alias yes
 shf3/screen yes
 shf3/mc/color yes
 function status() {
   sjstat -c

Parallel Compressor

Enable the parallel compressor for the framework:

 echo "sys_zip_xg_gz=pigz" > shf3/lib/sys/zip/xg/config.$USER

Module Environment

Set modules in $HOME/.bash_profile :

 module use $HOME/local/modulefiles
 alias mla="module avail"
 alias mls="module list"
 alias mld="module load"
 module load impi/
 module load sys/triolith

Logout and login again.

Job Setup

Setup the Queue file and edit the parameters:

 cd $HOME/shf3/mid/que
 cp templates/nsc/triolith .
 mcedit triolith

Job template is in $HOME/shf3/mid/que/templates/nsc/triolith.job